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What better gift for a secondary pupil than some personalised revision cards. 

Everyone knows how COVID-19 has affected education this year and as much as all those in the exam years have their education disrupted, it’s next year’s candidates who will have the most work to do, not just to catch up on what they’ve missed but to prepare themselves for both mock and real exams.

Give them a head start with some personalised flash cards. 

2020 won’t stop me.

This is a simple Cricut make, what is tricky is getting the font choice right and the letters are going to be quite small.

Once I’d decided what I wanted to write, I chose my font carefully so it wouldn’t be too tricky to weed! 

I laid out the words on DS and got ready to print.

I bought a roll of rainbow foil book covering from Hobbycraft which is a thin sticky foil and has taken a few attempts to get the settings right.


50m x 1m for £4 on offer at the moment for £2! Bargain

What I’ve found works best for this foil is to cut the size of foil you want and stick transfer tape onto the foil side ready.

I reverse the letters on DS and cut with the backing side up (and the transfer tape at the bottom)

When the Cricut machine has cut the words out what I then do is weed out all the inside bits (inside the e, a and o) then I peel away both the packing paper and waste foil at the same time leaving just the letters already stuck to the transfer tape.

Positioning and sticking the letters on is simple, just peel away the transfer tape 

Adding 2021 using the same foil and lettering just finished it all off 

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