Creative process and the 'free' Cricut machine

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We are so excited to have bought a Cricut machine to complement our other creative 'tools' 

We have been saving John Lewis vouchers and had over £200 worth only to hear that JL are closing our 2 most local stores! Talk about panic. So we thought we had better spend the vouchers before its too late and we considered the options to spend them on, a new coffee machine... a set of saucepans..... new bedding......but we didn't feel we wanted to 'waste' them on household bits so decided to get the Cricut maker instead. We have been toying with the idea for a while but couldn't justify it somehow but this seemed the perfect opportunity.

So of course next thing is to work out how it all works and what to use it for......

I watched a couple of tutorials on youtube and created a nice cut out badge and some stick on vinyl lettering which is great but doesn't have much use for my projects!

In our previous jobs, we had access to a laser cutter, very handy i must admit, which meant if we supplied our own materials we could use the laser cutter for cutting. One of our best sellers is the cut out butterfly picture which had always been cut on the laser, we found with very little effort we could import the DSV file previously used with the laser and open it easily in DS, (Cricut design space) With a few tweaks we cut our first saleable item yay!

Now what is my next project......

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